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Orthographic Projection

Orthographic projection of the moon
Orthographic projection of the moon

The Orthographic Projection is the view from space, that is, from infinity with parallel lines of sight. It is also our view of our project in a visualization environment (VE). If the projection origin is at the topocentric origin, the ellipsoidal Orthographic Projection is a special case of the orthographic vertical perspective in which the ellipsoid height of all mapped points is zero (h = 0). Orthographic projection coordinates in 2D are identical to 3D topocentric coordinates but without the vertical component.

Indonesia in Orthographic Projection Indonesia Orthographic

The Orthographic Projection is a first step in the direction of topocentric coordinates, which is a major step in the direction of ECEF. The projection is neither conformal nor equal-area, but near the point of tangency there is no significant distortion. Within 90km of the origin the scale change is less than 1 part in 10,000, 4 times better than the worst of UTM.

Download the entire presentation "Ellipsoidal Orthographic Projection via ECEF and Topographic (ENU)".
Download "Ellipsoidal Orthographic Projection".